What Does it Take to do a Sandwich RUN?

The Most Frequent Question asked, “what do you need?”

The answer is more complicated than it seems: We have Three different types of needs: Supplies, Volunteers, Advocates

There is always something someone can do, even when they have nothing. That thing is to advocate, follow our social media profiles (all branded “midnightsandwichrun”) and repost our posts, re-share our pictures, and tag people in our messages! By helping us spread the word, we make doing the sandwich run better everytime!

Volunteers are those who can show up and commit one hour of their time to our cause. Each day is 4-5 hours long of service and those one hour shifts come in hand. Most people come for an hour and stay longer due to the event!

For those who cannot volunteer or find themselves not able to advocate, they can either donate monetarily or get supplies that we need and email midnightsandwichrun@gmail.com to coordinate a drop-off. Monetary donations can be done through our crowdrise account or in person during the event.

Here is a list of supplies we need for all runs:

  • Sandwich bagsWHITE Paper Bags (for meals)
  • BROWN Paper Bags (for meals)
  • Sandwich bread(GFS)
  • Peanut Butter(Welch’s)
  • Grape Jelly
  • Plastic Gloves (for those with latex allergies)
  • Turkey Meat (for those with peanut butter allergies)
  • water bottle (for on street deployment)
  • Individually wrapped CHEESE snack crackers
  • individually packaged Fruit Snacks
  • Plastic Spoons and Knives
  • hand sanitizer

*ALL proceeds directly fund the Midnight Sandwich Run events

Whichever way you choose to give, know that it is all helpful to the cause of ending hunger!


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