Summer 2015

Summer Sandwichrun 2k15


Trying to beat the heat is no easy task. Trying to eat when you have close to nothing, requires help from others.

The FIRST Mid-Summer Sandwich Run helped over 3600 individuals find food for the weekend of July 17th, 18th, and 19th, 2015.  No lack of volunteers or donations kept us from that accomplishment!

Friday evening we deployed from The Ohio State University’s Hale Center with 1239 meals going all over the city. In our research, we started to find more shelters than we were first aware of. Once you know better you do better. We pushed ourselves to the limit with under 30 volunteers…. if you do the math, that means if every volunteer made an even amount, we would have to all make 40 meals each, but honestly we had 13 volunteers making sandwiches while the rest of the volunteers were assigned different tasks (cleaning, administration, calling shelters, “bag stuffing”, bag designing, etc.).

Saturday we were hosted by the GREAT Rev. Dr. Victor Davis at Trinity Baptist Church for an interesting spin on the MSR. Usually we start the run around 6:30 but today we started at 3 pm. This was strategic in targeting more “day-walkers” of the homeless community as well as allowing the shelters the option to share our meals as an alternative dinner. 31 volunteers gave their time and snack donations from Trinity Baptist helped us deploy 1281 meals (our weekend high). After clean up there was even time to hit the Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest!

Sunday is always an interesting day. We are often exhausted physically, stressed mentally, stretched financially, and yet we keep pressing on. These are the times when the leadership team of the Midnight Sandwich Run truly shine!

With our focus on getting this mission accomplished, we return to Ohio State University. We were hosted by the Multicultural Center in the Ohio Union and took no time getting to work! with the lowest amount of volunteers we had (right around 20) we cranked out 1108 meals.  The Final task once all meals are deployed and clean up if complete,  is to donate all of our left over resources to the Mid Ohio Workers Association.

When i pulled up, they were just wondering how they were going to feed people who came in that day. the pantry in the back was baren. This association is a non profit that does not get government funding. It solely runs off of donations and sponsorship (similiar to this event!) so it is only appropriate to give to such a worthy cause!

Thank you to ever donor, volunteer, word-spreader, and leader for making this happen. Without you, there would be no run!