Spring… the beginning of all things new…

We wanted the sandwich run to be different in 2015 so we started with our first seasonal run! Many obstacles got in the way to the 6000 meals we set out to deploy but we were able to get enough volunteers, raise enough money, and make enough sandwiches to feed Columbus over those three days.

At Ohio State University we distributed 426 meals on Friday. Saturday we came back strong from the Westside of Columbus at the Hilltop YMCA with 1900 meals. The final day we had 1317 meals go out to the streets from the Columbus Urban League

While not a deployment site, our Partner New Salem Missionary Baptist Church provided all of our peanut butter and jelly needs! For that we owe Pastor Dr. Keith Troy and Min. Ron George a wonderful thank you! Other donors for the sandwich run are friends, family, co-workers, and persons we meet that “dig” what we’re trying to do here. Without your support we have little impact.

The greatest secret of the sandwich run is the human heart. Something in it is activated once you see how little effort it takes to make such a huge impact. This run was a testament to that! The laborers were few (107 total volunteers) and the work was great (3687 meals), but we did set a goal. While missing that goal of 6000, we STILL met the goal to End hunger for that weekend!

Our goal is to feed persons who are unfortunately without a home and make sure they at least have a meal. Summer time is coming soon so see you in JULY!


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