What is The Midnight Sandwich Run?

The Midnight Sandwich Run (MSR) is a grassroots initiative to end hunger in a metropolitan area by creating, assembling and deploying meal packages. MSR is a city-wide collaborative event of community leaders from various universities as well as service groups. The vision is three-fold:

1.) Provide networking for student leaders across universities
2.) Inspire students to service and missions projects
3.) Provide both awareness and a solution to hunger and homelessness

Originally the Midnight Sandwich Run is an East-coast tradition assembled by the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (Eta chapter NYC).

Columbus’s first run was conducted October 21st, 2011 and has since been an event that brings together all universities in the central-Ohio Area such as:

The Ohio State University

Columbus College of Art and Design

Otterbein University

Ohio Wesleyan University

Capital University

Ohio Dominican University

Denison University

Franklin University

Columbus State Community College

DeVry University.

This year’s run will provide meals over the course of three days. The designing of the white/brown paper bags that meals will be package in are being designed by local schools. Days 1 and 3 will be dedicated to deploying the meal packages. Each day we will deliver at least 2000 meals across the city of Columbus.

Midnight Sandwich Run Columbus has been building over the last 4 year to reach our goal of ending hunger in a metropolitan area. Here’s our progress:

2011: 500 meals were deployed

2012: 1100 meals were deployed

2013: 2300 meals were deployed

2014: 5,200 meals were deployed

2015 Summer: 3628 meals were deployed

2015 Fall Goal: 6000!!!!

*All donations go directly to Midnight Sandwich Run Columbus and will be used to purchase materials needed to assemble and deploy meal packages. Thank you.


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